KMHD-IPB is an organization for Hinduism student in IPB that exsist on June 10th  1994 as a result of  IPB 1th general session.  this is an internal campus organization that based on “Pancasila” and “Panca Sradha”.

In order to get a formal juridical admission as Student Activity Unit, it pass trough some steps. The exsist of KMHD-IPB has report to  vice chancellor III and SPMT presidium. Finally at 5th SM-IPB general session (january 1995),  KMHD-IPB was exsist as an IPB student organization. May 21th 1995, KMHD-IPB was invited at 1th Pleno SM-IPB Session on  with all IPB Student Organization.

KMHD-IPB is an organization of IPB Hinduism student that head for bring aspiration into reality as a religion activities  that based on “Dharma Negara” and “Dharma Agama”. It purposed to develop Hinduism IPB student  for ncrease his faith as a Hindu religion to make a better life.